Getting Started
Purchasing a memorial is a unique experience. At T&L Stones, we can help guide you through the important decisions involved in creating a memorial of everlasting beauty.

Step One
Determine the requirements and regulations of your cemetery. Many cemeteries have monument size and shape requirements based on the number of graves a family owns. Some cemeteries only allow specific colors of granite, while others require bronze markers. For help finding your cemetery’s requirements, call us.

Step Two
Select the color of granite for the memorial.

Step Three
To make a memorial design your family’s personal tribute to a loved one, please consider several important questions:
1) What shape of stone do you prefer?
2) What design elements should your memorial feature?
3) Would you like to inscribe a family saying or religious verse? Nickname?
4) What other personal elements are important for your memorial?

Once you choose a stone type, we can schedule a meeting at our office in Downtown Bryan to create a customized stone design with you. If you live outside of Bryan, we can conduct the entire process via email and phone.

Our turnaround time is [12 months] due to Covid-19, from the date that you make your payment. After you make your payment, we will order the materials needed for the job. Once we receive the materials, the stone will be placed in line for engraving.

To be fair to each family, we engrave in the order received.