T & L Stones offers monument, pet markers, vases, benches, cremation products, custom etching, mausoleums and captivating columbria of all kinds. 

We offer many services to existing memorials already set in a cemetery.  Below are several. 

• Final Date-cutting:  Add a final date to existing memorial already set in cemetery. 

• Additional Engraving:  Add engraving to an existing memorial.

• Cleaning and Leveling:  Clean and level a memorial that is not level.

• New Foundation:  If the concrete foundation cannot be leveled and hold, a new foundation is needed.

• Duplicate/Match:  If you wish to duplicate or match an existing memorial, we will go to the cemetery and look at the existing memorial, get a rubbing, and quote you a cost to duplicate. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us to schedule your appointment. 

Phone: 979-217-1795